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New Floor Reveal

I mentioned before that we finally got our new floor installed at the house. This has been our #1 priority since moving in and tearing out the carpet around the whole house.

Some of you pet owners would appreciate what I am saying about using natural stone flooring over carpet any day. Especially if your pets are older and have “accidents” on the floor here and there.

In any event, we visited a local family owned flooring store who specialize in unique flooring products. They buy a lot of closeout lots and import a bunch of items from Europe so their selection is quite amazing. Following a quick consultation we were advised to install travertine tile flooring in our Las Vegas home.

our new travertine floor... :)

In case you are wondering, travertine is a natural stone such much like Slate, Granite, Marble, Limestone, Onyx etc and is quite possibly the strongest material you could use for residential and commercial flooring projects and, if sealed properly, can withstand pets, high traffic both outdoor or in.

In terms of cost, travertine flooring could cost you around $3-$10/sqft and installation can run another $3-$7/sqft. If you add grout, sealing juice and the small stuff you can end up with another $1-$2/sqft or a total of $7-$19/sqft installed, out the door.

When measuring your house before making a purchase, make sure to add 10% for breakage and loss. Most stores should be able to take back the leftovers (ours only took it back in exchange for a store credit, not cash but yours may vary).

Depends of where you live, you may be able to find a discount flooring store like we have here in Las Vegas which can save you a bundle over time and is well worth the research.

The Case for a Quality Site

Hi There,

Did you ever wonder why not all sites are born the same?

Why some websites got it all while others got merely a few pages with poor information and no real contribution to man kind?

Well, we wondered the same and decided to start this site so that man kind will finally have a quality website to turn to when searching for information…

Sounds odd?  Well, we thought so too when the idea came about but after countless sleepless nights and even more sleepless days, when introduced with the final product, I am quite happy to day that we did it.  Big time…

So kick back, relax your feed and come with us on a journey, where no one has gone before.